About plating

Making method of plating accessories

Favorite accessories, I want to use it for a long time.
The plating is improved and the color will be maintained with a little care, so please try it.

Cause of color plating

First of all, plating is a state of coding a gold or silver thin film on top of metal.
Thanks to plating, you can enjoy accessories affordable.
However, since it is a thin film, the film will be peeled off and the base will be visible when the time passes and the frequency of wearing increases.
Plated natural enemies are oxidized and friction.
It is also easy to oxidize with sebum or sweat, and react with the water contained in the air.
We introduce how to maintain the original shine for a long time as much as possible.

How to keep in mind after wearing

When you acquire accessories, I am not sure to touch the hand fat and sweat.
In addition, if you use the ring with the ring, water and soap remain between the fingers and cause discoloration.
Let's wipe the surface gently with soft cloth, glasses wipe or double.
Since there are many sebum adhesions and rings of necklaces, we recommend that you wipe it carefully.

Soft cloth wipes the part where the hand and the skin touched.
Silver polishing and grilled abrasive abrasive and wipe it to peel off the plating!

How to clean up when dirt is awful
When the dirt is awful, the season is recommended for the season, such as summer.

Mix a medium detergent (OK with kitchen detergent) in lukewarm water and soak for about 20 minutes.
If rubbed and peeled off, please leave it as it is and remove dirt.
Then, let's wash it with water and wipe the water into a towel.

Please note that neutral detergents do not touch the mixed water of pearl and natural stones.

If you mix neutral detergent in lukewarm water, soak the accessories and drop the dirt.
Pearls and natural stones do not touch water or detergent.

How to prevent discoloration

Because the cause of discoloration is oxidation, it is effective to put it in zip lock or the like when storing it and not touch the air.
You can reduce air by folding or storing even with a non-zip-locked type.
In addition, by keeping in this way, other accessories are hit and wounded to be scratched, and dust will be difficult to cover, so please try it.

This time, we introduced the cleaning of plating accessories based on the accessories of the vetacling smart.
The thickness of the plating differs depending on the brand, so the goodness of holding is different.